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A 600 Mile Long Coral Reef Discover Deep In the Amazon River
Alarming Sea Level Rise due to Antarctic Ice Melts
Amateur Astronomers Capture Rare Footage of Asteroid Hitting Jupiter
Astronaut Tim Peake Finish the London Marathon on the International Space Station Bermuda Triangle Mystery Explained
Biofluorescent Patterns of Catsharks Get Stronger and Clearer with Depth
Breakthrough Method of Removing HIV from DNA Discovered
Breakthrough Protein Injection Reversed Alzheimer’s Disease Completely in Mice
China To Launch New Advanced Space Gravitational Wave Detection Project
Climate Change Clouds May Be Contributing to Rising Temperatures
Could These Actual Be Alien Messages Astronomers Received
Disastrous Climate Change Consequences To Hit Earth In Just Decades
Discovery of Genome Responsible for Darwin’s 150 Year-Old Finches Evolution Theory
Earth Axis Is Shifting And It’s all Because Of Climate Change
ESA’s Rosetta Orbiter Captures Stunning Photo of 67P Comet
Global Warming Reached Staggering Peak this February!
Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak is the US Military ’s New Camouflage!
Hobbits Are a Real Species of Their Own; Not Deformed Humans
Horseshoe-shaped UFO Passes By ISS Before NASA Cuts Footage
Is This The End Of HIV Scientists Find Miracle ANTI-AIDS Solution
It’s Not What You Think! Here’s How the Dinosaurs REALLY Went Extinct!
Large Waistlines Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease Life On Earth Possibly Came On A Comet
Marvelously Eerie Moment Astronauts Pass Through Auroras
Mysterious ‘ Fairy Circles ‘ Discovered in Australia!
New e-Cigarette Gives You Safer and Harmless Tobacco Flavor
New e-Skin Electronic Tattoo is A Wearable LED Screen
New HIV Treatment Delayed Infection Up to 6 Months by Antibody Injections!
New Horizons Finds Evidence of Former Nitrogen Lake on Pluto
Number of Wildlife Tigers Goes Up For the First Time in a Century
Rituals of the Animal Kingdom Chimp “Sacred Trees” and Elephant “Funerals”
Scientists Building Massive Laser Gun that Destroys Asteroids
Scientists Finally Solve the Mystery behind Monarch Butterflies’ Migration
Scientists Predict Lowest Arctic Sea Ice Records in History This Summer
Scientists Think Hobbit Fossils are Older Than We Thought!
Shocking Sudden Melt of Greenland Ice Sheets Due to Global Warming
Single-Celled Organisms Have Displayed Fascinating Learning Abilities
Smartest Boy in the World Scores Higher IQ than Einstein and Stephen Hawking
Smoking E-Cigarettes is 10 Times More Cancerous than Tobacco
Space X Makes New Breakthrough Landing That Promises Future Commercial Space Travel!
SpaceX Accepts NASA Partnership in Mars 2018 Mission
Stephen Hawking and Billionaire to Send Tiny Probes to Nearest Solar System
Study Finds Non-Human DNA in Modern People!
Study Says Animals Can Actually SEE Magnetic Fields
Synthetic Cell May Help Us Find Alien Life
The Earth is Actually Getting Greener due to Increased Fossil Fuel Burning!
The Moon ’s Axis May Have Shifted Due to Strong Volcanos Billions Of Years Ago
Unprecedented Carbon Emission Rates Causing Massive Climate Change
Vaccine for Smoking May be the Next Solution!
Volcanic Eruption of North Korea’s Sacred Mount Paektu Might Be Soon
Walk on Mars with NASA and Microsoft HoloLens
Why We Should be Scared of Artificial Intelligence
Could 2016 Be The Year to Defeat Cancer !
Shocking New Breast Cancer Treatment Makes Tumors Vanish!
Study Shows Doctors Falsely Believe Black Patients Feel Less Pain than White Patients
The Anti AIDS Vaginal Ring that Reduces HIV Infections
Weight Loss Can Reverse Diabetes
Your Cat May Be Causing Your Uncontrollable Road Rage
‘Wind Trees’ May be the Future of ‘Green’ Energy!
Google’s New Lighter Than Air Material Could Change Everything
Here’s What Would Happen if A Black Hole Swallows Us Tomorrow


Amazon Releases Thinner Kindle Oasis with Thicker Price Tag
Apple Practically Invites FBI to Hack Their iPhone, Again!
Apple To Release Most Promising iPhone 7 to Date
Comparing the iPhone SE vs the Galaxy S7
Facebook Introduces Artificial Intelligence To Describe Photos to Blind Users
Google’s Next Generation Atlas Robot
IKEA Launched HTC Virtual Reality Kitchen Experience Application
Microsoft Merger Xbox and PC to Become One Platform
Most Amazing Tech Gadgets to Come Out in 2016!
UbiSoft Singapore Studio Developing the “Biggest ConsolePC” Project
Ubisoft Tom Clancy’s The Division Get its First Downtime!
Watch the World’s First Virtual Reality Surgery… Minus the Virtual!


8 Life Hacks For A Healthier Lifestyle
10 Myths about Diabetes Busted and Fact Revealed
An Oral Home Kit for HIV Testing is Now Available
Can Carbs be the New ‘Cigarettes’ in Causing Lung Cancer
Cancer VACCINE May be The Miracle Cure!
Cannabis Drug for Epilepsy by GW Pharmaceutical Successful!
Could Blueberries cure Alzheimer’s Disease
Could Cannabis Help Treat Diabetes Complications
Does Risk of Breast Cancer Increase By Delaying Pregnancy
Feeling Low Sex Drive Here’s Why and What to Do!
Here’s How Autism Is Linked To Prodigy
Liver Cancer is No Longer a Death Sentence!
Marriage Improves Your Chances Against Cancer
Mind-Based Therapy Proves Better at Treating Chronic Back Pain
New Elixir Of Life Revealed Honey
Nighttime Snacks May Increase Return Risk of Breast Cancer
Paralyzed Man Uses Hand Again After Brain Chip Implant
Taking Low-Dose Aspirin Daily May Reduce Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer
You May Be Prediabetic Here’s How to Know!


According to Science Jon Snow Should NOT Have Died!
5 Video Games Now Available on Facebook’s Oculus Rift VR Headset
Emilia Clarke : Why Daenerys Rape Scene on Game of Thrones was a Good Thing
Epic April Fools Pranks from Rihanna, Google, and Honda
Facebook Team Often Found Maggots in Lunch
Game of Thrones Vote for Your Most Hated Character
Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose is Official the Lead Vocalist for ACDC
HBO Game of Thrones Sophie Turner Says the Show is Feminist!
Hidden Clue from Game of Thrones Season 6 Final Trailer
Plagiarism Case of Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Goes to Trial
You Can Now Buy the Official GoT Collectibles !