Why Lebanese Wineries Should Start Hiring Artists to Design Their Labels

This is not a post about “supporting Lebanese talent”. While that’s important, this is simply not about that. What this is about is marketing and sales. Plain and simple. Something I’m pretty sure every Lebanese winemaker – or any winemaker – would love to get help with. If so, then read on. I promise this is interesting…

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought anything based on its appearance. It’s OK – don’t feel bad. We’ve all done it at some point: food that looked better than it tasted, clothes that we never wear, uncomfortable furniture that we treat like art… And for some, this even extends to their dating life. Continue reading “Why Lebanese Wineries Should Start Hiring Artists to Design Their Labels”

11 Coolest Wine Labels on Lebanese Wines

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yea right! I can’t count the times I’ve bought a book – or shoes or food or anything, really – simply because it looks good. I’m sure you have, too. This includes wine, of course. I am in love with cool wine labels. Without even consulting Vivino, I sometimes buy a wine bottle just because it’s too pretty to leave behind. Continue reading “11 Coolest Wine Labels on Lebanese Wines”