You’ve Probably Asked Yourself One of These Wine Questions…

When it comes to alcohol, beer is the friendly next-door neighbor we all like, whiskey is the rich friend we want to be seen with and are content knowing nothing about, tequila’s the crazy friend who knows the best underground clubs (and we never want to be seen publicly with), and wine is that crush we’re too intimidated to talk to and might even end up disliking because we think they’re bossy.

But – just like in a real-life crush scenario – they’re probably quite nice and good for us… if we disregarded propaganda and took the time to know them. Continue reading “You’ve Probably Asked Yourself One of These Wine Questions…”

What’s the Right Temperature to Drink Wine?

Possibly one of the most misconceived facts about wine is the proper temperature to serve or drink it. You’ve probably heard some people snobbishly proclaim that wine should only be served at room temperature, while others insist that wine is undrinkable unless it’s ice cold. So who’s right and who’s misinformed?

Well… both. How so? Read on.
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This is all You Need to Know About Chardonnay Wine

Happy Chardonnay day! And this time, I’m a day early with my celebrations. Chardonnay is the sweetheart of the wine world, and for good reason, too. It grows anywhere and everywhere, and is quite expressive of any region it grows in. In this article, I will break-down all the facts you need to know about this all-star grape, Chardonnay. Also, exactly like last time, I’ll follow up with a Lebanese Chardonnay wine list in the next few days. So follow me on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned! Continue reading “This is all You Need to Know About Chardonnay Wine”

This is all You Need to Know About Sauvignon Blanc Wine

Happy Sauvignon Blanc Day! I’m about a week late – it was last Sunday – but seriously, who’s counting? Everyday is a wine holiday if you ask me, and spring is a great season to enjoy Sauvignon Blanc everyday. In this article, I will explain to you everything you may need to know about this much loved wine. And in the following article, which I’ll be releasing on Tuesday, I’ll give you a list of Lebanese Sauvignon Blanc wines to try, whether varietals or blends. So follow me on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned! Continue reading “This is all You Need to Know About Sauvignon Blanc Wine”

Friday the 13th Ed. International Drinking Superstitions

Happy Friday the 13th!
Wait. What? No one ever says that!
In Western cultures, Friday the 13th is a harbinger of bad luck and not a happy holiday. Personally, my favorite number is 13 and I got no beef with Friday – so I’m chill! Yet some folk are superstitious. They choose to stay indoors on Friday the 13th, away from black cats, open ladders, sharp objects, and electrical hazards. Of course, superstitions aren’t only restricted to Friday the 13th. Every culture has it’s fair share of superstitions to last a lifetime (pretty sure you know someone who believes in the evil eye “saybet el 3ein”) and the wine and drinking world is no exception. Continue reading “Friday the 13th Ed. International Drinking Superstitions”