There’s a Spinneys Wine Club!

I used to be a loyalty cards junkie. I swear, if a place had one and I visited even once a year, I’d have that card. But then I sat myself down and said, “Listen there, woman, your wallet’s so bloated it won’t even close – and not from money. So start sorting, foxy.” I threw most of my loyalty cards then and there (including the only card I never wanted, but got bullied by the cashier into getting and using every single time when it literally had zero rewards – if you were enrolled at NDU before 2013, you know the cursed M-card).

Anywaayyy, only 3 cards survived the purge: my favorite eatery, my favorite jewelry store, and my favorite supermarket – Spinneys. Continue reading “There’s a Spinneys Wine Club!”

The 1st Lebanese Wine Club Membership: 209 Lebanese Wine Box

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent your whole adult drinking life buying terribly stored wines from ignorant and grumpy supermarket employees whenever you remember to grab a bottle. You probably also tend to stick to bottles and brands you know instead of venturing out into the wild world of wines and discovering new ones. Because, really, if that discovery turns out to be crap, there’s no way in hell you’re putting pants back on and driving through traffic to go buy a new one. So Chateau Tried and Tested it is.

But that was then. And this is now.

The 209 Lebanese Wine Club is here to save the day. Continue reading “The 1st Lebanese Wine Club Membership: 209 Lebanese Wine Box”