You Tasted. You Voted. Which Top Red Lebanese Wine Did You Love the Best?

This post is NOT sponsored by any of the 4 Lebanese wineries, nor did they know about this experiment ahead of time. This idea is 100% my own. The content is 100% original. The objective is purely for entertainment. I also didn’t participate in the tasting myself, so the results don’t necessarily reflect my personal taste.

Christmas is in exactly 2 weeks! This means loads of lunches, dinners, and parties. So you’ll probably be buying more than one red Lebanese wine bottle for every host. Continue reading “You Tasted. You Voted. Which Top Red Lebanese Wine Did You Love the Best?”

5 Red Lebanese Wines to Enjoy on Your Cold Winter Nights

At the risk of sounding like a complete cliche, winter is coming. This means this redheaded person cannot wait to get knee deep in red wine. Who’s as excited as I am? Well, it’s OK if you’re not, just smile at my excitement and keep reading… you will be.

My favorite thing about red Lebanese wines is that you have so many options to choose from. You have cheap Lebanese wines to enjoy at home, pretty bottles to impress your host, and bottles by Lebanese wineries no one has heard of to discover with friends. Continue reading “5 Red Lebanese Wines to Enjoy on Your Cold Winter Nights”

10 Affordable and Delicious Red Lebanese Wines

Whoever said you had to break the bank to buy a great bottle of Lebanese wine was terribly misinformed. 

Everyone knows that Lebanese wines are great. Everyone also knows that Lebanese wines can be expensive. Now I don’t know about you, but I plan on drinking and giving away more than a few bottles of good Lebanese wine during the coming holidays, without going bankrupt. And since cheap crappy wine is out of the question, I started hunting for the mythical breed of Lebanese red wine that would be delicious and affordable. Continue reading “10 Affordable and Delicious Red Lebanese Wines”