The 1st Lebanese Wine Club Membership: 209 Lebanese Wine Box

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent your whole adult drinking life buying terribly stored wines from ignorant and grumpy supermarket employees whenever you remember to grab a bottle. You probably also tend to stick to bottles and brands you know instead of venturing out into the wild world of wines and discovering new ones. Because, really, if that discovery turns out to be crap, there’s no way in hell you’re putting pants back on and driving through traffic to go buy a new one. So Chateau Tried and Tested it is.

But that was then. And this is now.

The 209 Lebanese Wine Club is here to save the day. Continue reading “The 1st Lebanese Wine Club Membership: 209 Lebanese Wine Box”

The New Rosé 2016 by Aurora Winery with Andréa Geara

Welcome to Lebanon, where summer lasts well into October, and even November sometimes. While this is grave news for this Autumn time lover over here, my only consolation is Lebanese wineries offer more than a few delicious rosés to make this long hell bearable. And quite recently, a new rosé has been added to the list of blush Lebanese wines to be enjoyed in Summer 2017: Aurora Winery’s Rosé 2016. Continue reading “The New Rosé 2016 by Aurora Winery with Andréa Geara”

Pairing Green & Black’s Chocolate with 6 Amazing Lebanese Wines

Feature photo credits: Green & Black’s

I was recently set loose at Wesley’s Wholesale in Hazmieh. I say “set loose” as this visit was long overdue; I had been trying to visit Wesley’s Hazmieh for the better part of 2 years. I realize this sounds ridiculous in a country as small as a shoebox, but it’s worth mentioning that I live in Byblos… that’s 2 hours of Lebanese “burn me alive if you will, but get me out of this hell hole” traffic. Anywho, as I was set loose in the 3-floor store after such a long wait, I was running around grabbing everything and anything imported that I found remotely interesting – candles, stationery… chocolate! Continue reading “Pairing Green & Black’s Chocolate with 6 Amazing Lebanese Wines”