5 Lebanese Rosé Wines I’ll be Sipping in this Heat Wave

Nope, I have not died of a heat stroke. Well, not yet, anyway. All you lovely people who know me know I don’t do well in summer. Not the tanning, or the beach, and most definitely not the heat. In fact, I think anyone who’s happy in this heat or getting pan-seared under the sun needs medical attention, both physical and mental. Stat.

Ironically, I’ve spent the majority of the last 12 months flying back and forth between desert lands, where a high of only 35℃ is… well, cute lol. This has lead me to a few conclusions: Continue reading “5 Lebanese Rosé Wines I’ll be Sipping in this Heat Wave”

13 Lebanese Chardonnay Wines to Try

This is a follow-up on the previously published article “This is All You Need to Know About Chardonnay“. 

Just like any wine making country in the world, Chardonnay is very popular in Lebanon. You’ll find many Lebanese white wines made of 100% chardonnay, and many more made of blends including chardonnay. To help you maneuver the crowded Lebanese wine scene, here’s a list of 13 Lebanese white wines made from Chardonnay. Some of these are my favorites, while others I haven’t tried yet – but would love to. So make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram to let me know your thoughts about any of them out! Continue reading “13 Lebanese Chardonnay Wines to Try”

Why Lebanese Wineries Should Start Hiring Artists to Design Their Labels

This is not a post about “supporting Lebanese talent”. While that’s important, this is simply not about that. What this is about is marketing and sales. Plain and simple. Something I’m pretty sure every Lebanese winemaker – or any winemaker – would love to get help with. If so, then read on. I promise this is interesting…

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought anything based on its appearance. It’s OK – don’t feel bad. We’ve all done it at some point: food that looked better than it tasted, clothes that we never wear, uncomfortable furniture that we treat like art… And for some, this even extends to their dating life. Continue reading “Why Lebanese Wineries Should Start Hiring Artists to Design Their Labels”

6 Independent Lebanese Wineries I Discovered around Christmas

I honestly don’t look for new wineries. Honestly, I don’t. I mean, I’m too busy trying the ones I already know about. And yet I seem to stumble upon a couple of new wineries every month or so. For instance, only last month during Christmas season, I stumbled across not one, not two, but six new Lebanese wineries. Well, I should say “new to me”, as a few of them aren’t new at all. I should also mention that while I used to be so surprised at discovering new Lebanese wineries before, nowadays I’m not surprised at all, but just excited for them. Bravo *clapping*! This teeny tiny country now has 60+ wineries. Continue reading “6 Independent Lebanese Wineries I Discovered around Christmas”