There’s a Spinneys Wine Club!

I used to be a loyalty cards junkie. I swear, if a place had one and I visited even once a year, I’d have that card. But then I sat myself down and said, “Listen there, woman, your wallet’s so bloated it won’t even close – and not from money. So start sorting, foxy.” I threw most of my loyalty cards then and there (including the only card I never wanted, but got bullied by the cashier into getting and using every single time when it literally had zero rewards – if you were enrolled at NDU before 2013, you know the cursed M-card).

Anywaayyy, only 3 cards survived the purge: my favorite eatery, my favorite jewelry store, and my favorite supermarket – Spinneys. Continue reading “There’s a Spinneys Wine Club!”

Homage to a Beloved Father and a Great Winemaker with Château Héritage

We rarely ever think of losing a loved one. They are cherished, protected, and loved. Their absence is rarely ever thought of, as it is painful, and almost never planned for, as we often can’t imagine how life would be without them. The point of this post is not to get you thinking dark thoughts, nor is it to get you emotional – though it probably will – but to show you how beauty comes even out of a huge loss. And as someone who has lost her very beloved father and still mourns his loss years later, this most recent wine tour felt very close to my heart. Continue reading “Homage to a Beloved Father and a Great Winemaker with Château Héritage”

I Attended The First Italian Wine Workshop by the Italian Trade Agency

The full extent of my Italian wine knowledge comes from The Wine Show. I have watched Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys drink their way through bottles upon bottles of vintages by world renowned vineyards or eccentric independent wineries. I have heard them describe the unique aromas and velvety textures. Understandably, this has got me hooked on Italian viticulture, and desperately wanting to try these wines for myself. Continue reading “I Attended The First Italian Wine Workshop by the Italian Trade Agency”

Drunk Driving Chapter 1: A Lesson in Friendship with Kunhadi

*This article was written in collaboration with

You know it, I know it, and most of all, our moms know it. Every year around this time, with all the festive parties going on, we notice an increase in car crashes caused due to driving under the influence – or simply drunk driving. To combat this prominent issue – and help keep our moms sane – I’m teaming up with Kunhadi for this year under their #IfYouDrinkDontDrive campaign. Continue reading “Drunk Driving Chapter 1: A Lesson in Friendship with Kunhadi”