12 Lebanese Sauvignon Blanc Wines to Try

This is a follow-up on the previously published article “This is All You Need to Know About Sauvignon Blanc“. 

You now know the basics about Sauvignon Blanc. But you’re probably asking yourself: a) Is there a Lebanese white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc? and b) What exactly does Sauvignon Blanc taste like? The answers are: yes we do, and I’m helping you find out for yourself. Here are 12 Lebanese white wines made from Sauvignon Blanc. Also make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram to let me know your thoughts when you try any of them out! Continue reading “12 Lebanese Sauvignon Blanc Wines to Try”

You Tasted. You Voted. Which Top Red Lebanese Wine Did You Love the Best?

This post is NOT sponsored by any of the 4 Lebanese wineries, nor did they know about this experiment ahead of time. This idea is 100% my own. The content is 100% original. The objective is purely for entertainment. I also didn’t participate in the tasting myself, so the results don’t necessarily reflect my personal taste.

Christmas is in exactly 2 weeks! This means loads of lunches, dinners, and parties. So you’ll probably be buying more than one red Lebanese wine bottle for every host. Continue reading “You Tasted. You Voted. Which Top Red Lebanese Wine Did You Love the Best?”