I fell in love with wine years ago. It was both out of no where and long term passion that had finally come to the surface.

I always like to tell the tale of how two people planted the same grapes in the same land and made the same wine… yet the two wines were very different. I would often start my tastings by asking what everyone tasted and whether they liked it. Simple.

I would then venture on to retell the story and history behind the wine and its makers, it’s land, and all the passion and emotion that went into making it. I would then, again, ask everyone to taste it, and tell me if they like it…

Wine, to me, is art and science and spirit personified – it takes talent and skill and soul to create. And I wanted to make it my mission to make it less scary and imposing, but approachable and friendly for more people to enjoy it.

Explore wine with me