You’ve Probably Asked Yourself One of These Wine Questions…

When it comes to alcohol, beer is the friendly next-door neighbor we all like, whiskey is the rich friend we want to be seen with and are content knowing nothing about, tequila’s the crazy friend who knows the best underground clubs (and we never want to be seen publicly with), and wine is that crush we’re too intimidated to talk to and might even end up disliking because we think they’re bossy.

But – just like in a real-life crush scenario – they’re probably quite nice and good for us… if we disregarded propaganda and took the time to know them. Continue reading “You’ve Probably Asked Yourself One of These Wine Questions…”

5 Lebanese Rosé Wines I’ll be Sipping in this Heat Wave

Nope, I have not died of a heat stroke. Well, not yet, anyway. All you lovely people who know me know I don’t do well in summer. Not the tanning, or the beach, and most definitely not the heat. In fact, I think anyone who’s happy in this heat or getting pan-seared under the sun needs medical attention, both physical and mental. Stat.

Ironically, I’ve spent the majority of the last 12 months flying back and forth between desert lands, where a high of only 35℃ is… well, cute lol. This has lead me to a few conclusions: Continue reading “5 Lebanese Rosé Wines I’ll be Sipping in this Heat Wave”

There’s a Spinneys Wine Club!

I used to be a loyalty cards junkie. I swear, if a place had one and I visited even once a year, I’d have that card. But then I sat myself down and said, “Listen there, woman, your wallet’s so bloated it won’t even close – and not from money. So start sorting, foxy.” I threw most of my loyalty cards then and there (including the only card I never wanted, but got bullied by the cashier into getting and using every single time when it literally had zero rewards – if you were enrolled at NDU before 2013, you know the cursed M-card).

Anywaayyy, only 3 cards survived the purge: my favorite eatery, my favorite jewelry store, and my favorite supermarket – Spinneys. Continue reading “There’s a Spinneys Wine Club!”

Why I Stopped Blogging About Wine

“Why did you stop drinking?!”

I keep getting this question lately, and it’s both funny and sweet. Funny, since some people actually think I’m a drunk, which is so very far from the truth. Sweet, because it shows that many of you care about the change or lack of content from my end. The point is, readers are asking me why I stopped blogging and why my content has changed lately. Continue reading “Why I Stopped Blogging About Wine”

This Man Paints with Wine and It’s Breathtaking

A few weeks ago, I found out some awesome Italian guys are making leather out of wine. How cool is that?! I mean, I would totally invest in a pair of wine leather shoes. But that also got me thinking of what else can be made with wine – aside from drinks, of course. And it turns out, wine is a great raw material for many artistic projects. For instance, Edgar Lizarazu Shiosky, a Bolivian graphic designer with Japanese roots, has an odd painting style that puts red wine to alternative uses. Continue reading “This Man Paints with Wine and It’s Breathtaking”