Pairing Green & Black’s Chocolate with 6 Amazing Lebanese Wines

Feature photo credits: Green & Black’s

I was recently set loose at Wesley’s Wholesale in Hazmieh. I say “set loose” as this visit was long overdue; I had been trying to visit Wesley’s Hazmieh for the better part of 2 years. I realize this sounds ridiculous in a country as small as a shoebox, but it’s worth mentioning that I live in Byblos… that’s 2 hours of Lebanese “burn me alive if you will, but get me out of this hell hole” traffic. Anywho, as I was set loose in the 3-floor store after such a long wait, I was running around grabbing everything and anything imported that I found remotely interesting – candles, stationery… chocolate! Continue reading “Pairing Green & Black’s Chocolate with 6 Amazing Lebanese Wines”