About Red

Welcome, winos! I’m Red – but my mother calls me Saria – and I’m the writer behind Another Glass of Red

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I’m a civil engineer, a digital marketing expert, a bookworm, and a wine writer among other things. My friends started calling me Red after I dyed my hair – you probably figured that one on your own – and it stuck because of my major affinity for all things red.

Wine included. I love wine!

My father was a great wine lover, so I guess it’s genetic. When I was young, I loved the rich and sweet reds he got from monasteries in the mountains. Years later, I worked at a high-end French bistro to pay my way through university. There, I took a wine course as a mandatory part of my training. I admit that, at first, I loved wine for what it represents rather than how it tastes. To me, wine is emotional…

“Throughout its history, wine has always been a communal beverage. Drinking it implies sharing, generosity, and friendship. There’s a reason wine is rarely sold in single-serving bottles!”
The Wine Bible, Revised Edition by Karen MacNeil

But quite honestly, I had never realized how obvious my wine love was until the day I received more than 20 Facebook tags on one post: the first Lebanese wine subscription box.

The next day Another Glass of Red was launched. It’s meant to be a place for you to discover and learn more about all things wine in a fun and simple way. 

While learning about wine involves getting exposed to the whole world of wine, Lebanese wine will always hold a special place here. Lebanon is a tiny country carrying an old and rich viticulture, with 70 + Lebanese wineries in the market and more opening every day. Loving and sharing wine is engraved in us, yet not many of us know much about it. Many are married to certain labels and brands, some just won’t touch Lebanese wine, and others have aggregated a lot of myths about wine that affect what and how they drink.

I’ll help you expand your vini-horizons to make wine more enjoyable!

“Lebanon is a delightful exception to [strict Islamic rule], however, and fine wines, heart reds and some intriguing rosés continue to emerge, somehow, from the vineyards of the Bekaa Valley, no matter how close to the war zones…” 
The 24-Hour Wine Experty by Jancis Robinson

If you are interested in working with me or simply want to get in touch, feel free to contact me.