Hello there,

Welcome to my lovely corner of the world – I’m pretty sure you’ll find something here that tickles your fancy. 


Another Glass of Red is my creative outlet, where I introduce you to my version of Copenhagen, the food I experience or create myself,  and the beautiful world of literature and art that I find myself often immersed in – both literally and figuratively. But most importantly – especially for those of you returning – I continue bringing you the passionate and fragrant world of wine.

This might all sound too… serious. Except it’s not! Where I come from, culture and diversity are not so easy to come across. That makes them intimidating.

That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to make travel more approachable, wine less complicated, art more accessible, and literature less cryptic. I promise you whimsical and lovely stories, sarcastic and witty commentary, and simply beautiful scenery.

So feel free to reach out and say hi by following me over on my Instagram account.
We can grab a coffee or wine – virtually or personally – and chat more about the things we love.