About Red

If you’ve stumbled across my blog, it means you’re a wine lover – or at least you enjoy a good drink. So welcome! You’re in the right place.

About Red


I’m Saria, but you may call me Red – everyone does – and AnotherGlassorRed.com is where I share my passion for wine, as well as help you learn more about it one bottle at a time.

My wine appreciation started at an early age, when my father used to get bottles of red wines from Lebanese mountainous monasteries and allowed me try a few sips of this rich drink. Years later, in order to pay my tuition at engineering school, I worked for a high-end French restaurant, where a wine introductory course was a mandatory part of my training.

Quite honestly, I had never realized how notorious I was for my love of wine until the day I received more than 20 tags on Facebook on the exact same post: the first Lebanese wine subscription box. That day something inside my head clicked…

And the next day AnotherGlassofRed.com was launched.

About the Blog


Another Glass of Red is your one stop shop for all things “wine” – more specifically, Lebanese wine. I have made it my mission to help education all my fellow Lebanese citizens about Lebanese wine and the 70-and-counting Lebanese wineries that exist.

To do so, I will be helping you learn all about wine in human terms, discovering Lebanese wines and Lebanese wineries for you, and just celebrating wine with you every day.

So, let’s learn more to drink more better!

For any inquiries, collaborations, or sponsorship offers, drop me an email on anotherglassofred@gmail.com. Also, don’t forget to show me some love and follow me over on Facebook and Instagram.