There’s a Spinneys Wine Club!

I used to be a loyalty cards junkie. I swear, if a place had one and I visited even once a year, I’d have that card. But then I sat myself down and said, “Listen there, woman, your wallet’s so bloated it won’t even close – and not from money. So start sorting, foxy.” I threw most of my loyalty cards then and there (including the only card I never wanted, but got bullied by the cashier into getting and using every single time when it literally had zero rewards – if you were enrolled at NDU before 2013, you know the cursed M-card).

Anywaayyy, only 3 cards survived the purge: my favorite eatery, my favorite jewelry store, and my favorite supermarket – Spinneys.

I literally only ever shop at Spinneys, and I’m not being paid to say this. Here’s how much my ❤️ and I are loyal customers at Spinneys Jbeil:

  • Every single porter knows us. They all make a point to greet me whenever I’m there, and we exchange small talk about how they are, why I’m shopping alone today, how my ❤️ is, and that my hair’s pretty that day (they’re the sweetest ever!). They know both mine and my ❤️’s cars. They also know to pack the chocolate and juice I always buy separately because it’s for the boys selling stuff in the parking lot.
  • The guys at the charcuterie fridge have memorized our preferences, and like to guess what we’d like next (we have wine / charcuterie / anime date nights at least twice a week… so we’ve probably tried everything at some point). We know them all by first name. They know when it’s time for me to buy more of my “breakfast turkey” and they know that my nephew likes the same brand. They know which bacon my ❤️ likes. They know I’m allergic to dairy, but that sheep’s the only thing I can tolerate.
  • The cashiers have memorized my phone number. They also ask me for career advice nowadays… Whenever my ❤️ is there alone, they remind him that, while he doesn’t have a loyalty card, his redhead girlfriend/fiancee/wife (they’re constantly guessing) sure does and she takes her points quite seriously.
  • My points alone got my mom 2 pans, 1 pot, 1 cooking tray, and some tupperwares in February.
  • I could go on.

That long-winded introduction should make it quite clear now that my day was made when I received the cutest gift package from Spinneys. Seriously, the best welcome back gift ever (as opposed to the usual skin conditions that greet me when I land).

The package contained a few awesome surprises:

  1. I was made a member of the Spinneys Wine Club and received the coolest looking loyalty card… with 2000 points!
  2. If that wasn’t enough, I also got a gift card!!
  3. There was also the Spinneys 2019 Rewards Catalogue, along with some chunky cards highlighting specific rewards.

Who knew Spinneys had clubs!?

Spinneys Loyalty Clubs offer you rewards tailored to meet your specific needs and shopping habits. So while the Wine Club is up my alley, there’s also the Kids’ Club, Beauty Club, Wellness Club, Pet Club, and a few others, too. Now say you’re a Wino like me, you can pick from a vast collection of wine rewards by first-class brands, including imported bottles, glasses, racks, and preservers. But if you’re into wine, you probably appreciate a good wine and cheese night, or a good smoke. That’s why some of the Wine Club rewards also include cigar accessories, fondue makers, bread boards, and more!

Loyalty Card Benefits:

The benefits vary a bit depending on which tier you’re at from Classic to Clubs to Gold and more. But in a nutshell:

  • You accrue 10 points for every LBP 15,000 spent
  • You double (or triple!) your points on your birthday
  • You get text alerts for special days to double your points
  • You earn extra points on selected items, like 1 extra point for every LBP 1,500 spent on Tesco, Auchan, and Spinneys private label items
  • You can check your points balance at the bottom of your invoice

There you have it! If you don’t have a Spinneys Loyalty Card, you sure do need one, buddy. And if you do, ask your local Spinneys for details on how to join the Wine Club (or any club you’re interested in).

Finally, follow me on Instagram for updates on how I’ll spend my Spinneys Loyalty Points. Mom’s confiscated the gift card and she’s eyeing a new panini press “sepp”, immersion blender, and cake mixer. You’ll also get an inside look into my day-to-day workaholic, sarcastic, and nomadic life. Also, do say hi – I love chit-chatting with people on Instagram!

**While I did receive the gift pack from Spinneys, this is my totally honest opinion. If you’re not convinced I’m a real customer – drop by Spinneys Jbeil and ask about the redhead lol.

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