This Man Paints with Wine and It’s Breathtaking

A few weeks ago, I found out some awesome Italian guys are making leather out of wine. How cool is that?! I mean, I would totally invest in a pair of wine leather shoes. But that also got me thinking of what else can be made with wine – aside from drinks, of course. And it turns out, wine is a great raw material for many artistic projects. For instance, Edgar Lizarazu Shiosky, a Bolivian graphic designer with Japanese roots, has an odd painting style that puts red wine to alternative uses.


Back in 2011, Edgar decided that red wine was too awesome to be trapped in a glass and would look much better on canvas. I sure love how this guy thinks. And while this artist admits that wine in its bottled form is difficult to control and is too thin to be used as ordinary paint, he’s enchanted by the fabulous pigments red wine conveys through painting.

Here’s a small lesson: when it comes to wine, professionals talk about “complexity”. It is the multi-dimensional character that a wine shows in flavor and aroma. However, Edgar believes that complexity in red wine is best expressed on canvas, since colors are as rich and diverse as flavors. For instance, red wines made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Malbec give deep purple shades, while those made from Tempranillo and Sangiovese give off more burnt orange colors.


And yet the grape variety isn’t the only factor affecting pigmentation. Wine professionals also talk about weather and soil of a certain region, the terroir, and how it presents itself in the flavors and aromas of a wine. But Edgar says that these elements are also characterized in color. “A Cabernet from France will shimmer so differently from a Cabernet from Chile that it is impossible to discern the same grape variety has been used,” says Edgar Lizarazu to The Drink Business.

Still, I think the most fascinating part of this story is this: wine on canvas oxidizes with time, just like it does in a bottle. This means that the wine in a painting will mature and change with age going from a rich ruby color to a more brown and tawny shade. And that’s just one of the many things I love about wine – it’s ever-changing and feels very much alive. Like people.


So what are your thoughts? Would you buy a wine masterpiece and hang it in your cellar? Or maybe even your office? I sure would!

If you’re intrigued byEdgar Lizarazu Shiosky’s art, check out his portfolio. Also, follow these three ladies over on Instagram, as they also paint with wine: Mira Kovacevic of @serbianwinepainter, Melissa’s Wine Art of @melissaproudlock, and Elysia Myers of @elysiamyers.wineart.

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See you soon with another glass of red!


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