7 Reasons Why Ordering Wine Online is The Best Thing Ever

If I could buy everything online, I would. In fact, I already order everything I can, from books to makeup to random odds and ends. But most importantly, I order most of my wine online. Now, I sometimes pick up a J.P. Chenet or sparkling Martini from the supermarket on my way to a girlfriend’s place, but the majority of the wine I buy I order online. Now there aren’t many online wine vendors in Lebanon, but there are a few. There’s 209 Lebanese Wine, a strictly digital wine vendor, and there are also a few popular brick-and-mortar wine boutiques who have opened up e-shops, like Enoteca and Vintage.

But why do I prefer to always buy my wine online when there are tons of brick-and-mortar wine shops all around? Read on to discover my seven reasons… Also, make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and contact me in case you have any questions about ordering wine online.

1. Order in PJs – obviously

If you could shop in your PJs from your couch, why would you ever do it otherwise?! Ordering wine online is super convenient. No traffic, no long lines, and no crowded shops. And even if you’re stuck at work with no time to go buy a bottle for your evening dinner, you could simply open your laptop and place your order within a minute.

2. Home delivery

On the same note, why would you lug around heavy bags or boxes when you could have your wine delivered to your doorstep? Ordering wine online wine means you get your wines delivered right to your doorstep. So whether you have a last minute get-together, a dinner you forgot about, or would simply like to enjoy a bottle solo, order your wine online early during the day and have it delivered to you by the evening.

3. Discounts, deals, & offers

E-commerce has spoiled me. I sometimes feel disappointed that I can’t use a discount code at the counter of the supermarket. Online wine sellers are always running some sort of promotions. From exclusive discount codes sent to your inbox to curated pages offering special prices on wines, you’re sure to get a better deal on your online wine orders than you would by picking up a bottle from the supermarket.

4. Bigger and better catalogue

Even if you have the patience and time to check a few stores before buying your wine, you’ll still find almost the same wine list in any supermarket. Browsing online, however, gives you access to a wider catalogue of wines. You can go in and out of different websites, checking all of their different wines, until you find the bottles or case that you want. And the best part is this can be done from your couch and within 10 minutes.

 5. Discover new wines

While you probably buy the same old wine bottles from the supermarket, having access to a bigger catalogue gives you a higher chance of discovering new wines and wineries. You’ll find that the best imported wines and many small independent Lebanese wineries can’t be found on supermarket shelves. The only place you can find them is in online shops or at their private wineries.

6. E-sommelier services

Welcome to the supermarket, where the only help you’ll get when buying wine is directions to the wine aisle. That’s why you probably find yourself struggling trying to figure out what wine to buy, or even which wine you would like. But why struggle when you can ask for help from professionals? Online wine shops usually have a live chat feature or a contact email to connect you to wine specialists who will help you find the perfect bottle for your taste and occasion. On this note, you know you can always contact me to help you choose your wine!

7. Better storage

Finally, but most importantly, online wine shops provide much better wine storage than supermarkets. Supermarkets really mishandle wines. They store them in bright light, often being exposed to sun in display windows, and in fluctuating temperatures. They also get shaken vigorously when being transported, which can cause bottle shock. On the other hand, online wine shops place the utmost importance on properly handling wines. They have trained people who take extra care when transporting, storing, and delivering wines, so you can be sure that you will receive your wine in great condition.

Have I converted you yet, or do you still have doubts about buying wine online? Let’s chat! Follow me over on Facebook and Instagram, and send me your questions. Also, I’d love to work with your brand! So contact me if you’d like to work with me on a collaboration.

See you soon with another glass of red!

6 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Ordering Wine Online is The Best Thing Ever

  1. Been ordering my stocks of Lebanese wines theu 209 Lebanese Wine for 2 years now:: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    – huge range from all Lebanese wineries under one roof.
    – yes, an online Sommelier.
    – Home delivery
    – Competitive pricing and seasonal “meaningful” promotions.
    – customer service at its best… never failed me !


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