Drunk Driving Chapter 4: A Lesson in Safety with Kunhadi

*This article was written in collaboration with Kunhadi.org

Previously on the blog, Chapter 1: A Lesson in Friendship, Chapter 2: A Lesson in Law, and Chapter 3: A Lesson in Science.

Now that we’ve already had ‘The Talk’ with your friends, and examined the law and the science available on drunk driving, it’s time to suit up with some bulletproof safety tips to get you – and everyone with you – back home alive and in one piece.

As such, today’s blog post is a lesson in safety. Odds are you’ve already made plans to drink this week, so how about you make plans to not drive drunk?

Chapter 4: A Lesson in Safety with Kunhadi


1) Plan Another Ride Home

While I realize how difficult it is to find a designated driver, public transportation is the easiest thing to find. Whether it’s reserving a taxi ride in advance, calling a taxi office on the spot, or using a newer form of transportation like car service apps, you can easily find an alternative way back home that doesn’t involve you driving while drunk or ‘buzzed.

2) Plan to Stay in Advance

New Year’s is right around the corner, and I for one know I will not be driving while drunk. In fact, I will not be driving, moving, or getting on the road, at all! How about planning a house – or chalet – party to avoid going out on the roads at all on New Year’s Eve? However, since your plans are already set, or for all the other night ty to book a hotel, motel, or Airbnb or plan to sleep over at a friend’s place who close to your party spot.

3) Plan to Stop Drinking Early On

Who said drinking always has to lead to being drunk or ‘buzzed’, anyway? If you’re planning on driving at the end of your party, one mature measure would be to set a time from the start to stop drinking by or set a limit of drinks that you should stop at. The legal limit to pass a DUI is less than 0.5 g/L. For most individuals, this can be reached with a couple of drinks in the first hour. Remember that a general rule of thumb is to have no more than one drink per hour. So if you give yourself a limit at a certain amount of drinks, and give yourself at least one hour to sober up, you can greatly limit the risk of exceeding the safe and legal limit. You can check out Kunhadi’s table on how to know your BAC.

Drunk Driving - Kunhadi BAC Level

A few additional tips would be to eat before you drink, have a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks, enjoying your drink by sipping slowly, and sticking with standard drink sizes to make it easier for yourself to keep track of your drinks.

4) Plan to Phone a Friend

Now we’ve already had ‘The Talk’ with your friends – they should be ready to stop you from driving if you’re too drunk. But then again, you’re an adult, so why wait for them? If you’re having one of those nights where you thought you’d be able to drive but are now too drunk to do it, grab your phone and call a reliable friend or family member to come and pick you up. None of your loved ones want you to be at risk!

There you go. You’ve successfully completed this educational course on drink driving. Thank you so much for reading through – your mother and soul will thank you for it. Remember, friends don’t let friends drive drunk, buzzed is drunk when driving, and if you’re wondering whether you might be too buzzed to drive, then you probably are!

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