Here’s How Long Wine Lasts After Opening with Lebanese Wine Examples

Some days, I’m one of those people that never leave a bottle of wine unfinished. But on most healthy days, I find myself complaining about having a few unfinished bottles of wine lining the kitchen, sad and abandoned. It could be a great Lebanese wine I loved and couldn’t bear to throw away just because I had one glass. Or maybe a bottle I opened for a single splash in my spaghetti bolognese. But then days, even weeks, later I am surrounded with unfinished bottles, asking myself one critical question:

How long does a wine bottle last open before it spoils?

Many of you have asked me that very question, over and over… and over. Wine spoils when it’s exposed to oxygen, heat, and light. I mean, you could still drink it once it spoils, it just might taste downright disgusting! Different types of wine react differently to these factors, so proper storage can help elongate your open wine bottle’s shelf life. Yet even under perfect conditions, your opened wine will spoil eventually.

Below is a detailed list of how long every wine type lasts when stored properly. I’ve also included examples of Lebanese wines for each type to help put things into perspective:

AGoR-How Long Wine Lasts Open-Sparkling

Sparkling Wine

Once you open a sparkling wine, it starts to lose its carbonation i.e. no more bubbles – think of an opened bottle of Pepsi after a week. Note that “traditional method” sparkling wines (Champagne and Cava) last longer than “tank method” sparkling wines (Prosecco) because they have more bubbles in them from the start. So make sure you have a sparkling wine stopper handy if you’re a bubbly lover.

Featured: Frizzante White by Batroun Mountains

AGoR-How Long Wine Lasts Open-Light White Rose

Light White, Sweet Wine, & Rosé

You can still drink most of these wines for up to a week if you keep them in the fridge, but the taste will start to change from the second day, as the wine oxidizes. Its fruit character will also diminish, making it less and less flavorsome as the days go by.

Blush Rosé Select by Chateau Nakad
Cloud Nine 2016 by Karam Wines
Obeidy 2016 by Chateau St. Thomas
Solac by Latourba
Moscatel by Chateau Ksara
Le Rosé by Muse du Liban

AGoR-How Long Wine Lasts Open-Full White

Full-bodied White Wine

Unlike the lighter white wines, full-bodied whites, like oaked Chardonnay and Viognier tend to oxidize i.e. spoil more quickly. So make sure you cork them and put them back in the fridge. And in case you’re a fan of this type of wine, you might want to invest in vacuum caps.

Viognier by Sept Winery
White 2016 by Atibaia
Chardonnay Cuvee du pape by Chateau Ksara
Chardonnay 2015 by Chateau Oumsiyat
Clos Blanc 2015 by Domaine Wardy
Chardonnay 2013 by Chateau Ka

AGoR-How Long Wine Lasts Open-Red

Red Wine

A red wine that’s light in tannins will last less than a red wine that’s rich in them. So for instance, a Pinot Noir wouldn’t last as much as a Petite Syrah. But a general rule of thumb is that red wines are good to drink within 5 days. Some might even taste better after the first day. Just make sure you store it somewhere cool and dark – so if it’s higher than 20°C in your closet, better place it in the fridge.

Vieilles Vignes Cinsault 2015 by Domaine des Tourelles
EL Ixsir Red by Ixsir
Cuvee de L’Ange 2009 by Coteaux de Botrys
Red 2012 by Chateau Marsyas
Red 2012 by Chateau Bybline
Chateau 2014 by Aurora

AGoR-How Long Wine Lasts Open-Fortified

Fortified Wine

First, what are “fortified” wines? They are wines to which a distilled spirit, usually brandy, is added, like Port, Sherry, Madeira, and Marsala. Heavy and sweet dessert wines can count as fortified wines, as well. These wines have a very long shelf life, as long as you keep them away from light and heat. A good thing to also keep in mind is that the sweeter the dessert wine, the longer it will last open. Just store them in a cool and dark place, and they can very easily last a month.

Misscat 2003 by Cave Kouroum
Vin Doux 2013 by Cave Kouroum
Nectar de Kefraya by Chateau Kefraya

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I’ll see you soon with another glass of red!

*All details were adopted from the awesome

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