11 Coolest Wine Labels on Lebanese Wines

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yea right! I can’t count the times I’ve bought a book – or shoes or food or anything, really – simply because it looks good. I’m sure you have, too. This includes wine, of course. I am in love with cool wine labels. Without even consulting Vivino, I sometimes buy a wine bottle just because it’s too pretty to leave behind.

The Lebanese Wine industry is still new to the “cool wine label” scene. Previously, not a single Lebanese wine bottle came with a crazy, fabulous, or out-of-the-box design. But that’s been changing recently. Many Lebanese Wineries have realized the benefits of pretty wine labels in helping them appeal to the younger generation. I’m sure you have at least 2 Lebanese wine bottles in mind as you read this, but I’m going to help you out by showing you the best 11 labels on Lebanese Wine bottles that I could find. Note: I have chosen these bottles purely on appearance, not at all on taste. I’ve also listed them in random order.

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Vertical33 is a relatively new Lebanese wine that you may not have even heard of. The label reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, with the random layout and all. I’m also totally into that red wax seal on the cork.

Iris Domain 2009Iris Domain 2009

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about this Lebanese winery. But really these guys know their stuff. From good wine to quite the classy label. It’s so mysterious and elegant. Totally something you’d want to open at a black-tie gathering.

Chateau Ksara – Le SouverainLe Souverain 2009 Ksara

Well, glad to see an actual label that’s not so label-y! This is one of the cutest designs I’ve seen among Lebanese wines. Very lady-like with some vintage vibes. I really like it.

Muse du Liban – Rebellious RoseMuse Syrah Rebellious Rose

While made by a famous French winemaker, Muse du Liban is still a Lebanese wine. They only have 3 vintages, with identical designs in different colors. It’s simple. It’s chic. It speaks luxury. It’s something I would expect fresh and young people to pick up on a Friday night in.

Aurora Winery – Cuvee NCuvvee N Aurora

For a Lebanese wine bottle, this label looks extremely western. I approve. Simply because it looks modern, minimalistic, and very clean. It comes as such a contrast to the usual old, traditional, and sometimes boring labels we see most days floating around the Lebanese wine market.

Riachi – Asplenium 2012Riachi Asplenium 2012

This is the 3rd black bottle on the list, and that’s great. As most Lebanese wineries are still new to the “cool label” scene, black is safe, yet elegant and dramatic. It’s the gold that gives it a funky look. The Riachi brand has been in the Lebanese wine industry for 5 generations now, so seeing a creative label on one of their bottles gives me so much pleasure!

Chateau St. Clement – Rose 2012Rose 2012 St Clement

Of all the wines on the list, this is the one I think any girly Lebanese girl will find herself reaching for while shopping. It’s pink wine. It has a pink floral label. I mean… that’s Princess formula right there.

Sept WinerySept Winery

A bottle of Cuvee du Soleil from Sept Winery made its way to me as a very pleasant gift this month – special thanks to Maher, the very cool winemaker. This new Lebanese wine quickly became one of my favorites. Taste aside, the minimalistic logo, attractive bottle, and simple colored foil are all it needed to make it on this list.

Chateau Kefraya – Les Breteches 2015 Limited EditionKefraya

I received another gift – or two – this month from the amazing Selim of 209 Lebanese Wine with this month’s The Club wine box. Thank you, thank you! Little do you guys know how excited I was about these two beauties. I mean, if you’re blind enough to not appreciate the artwork of the highly talented Ivan Debs, then the message behind Kefraya’s initiative must appeal to you. For a few years now, the otherwise traditional Lebanese winery has been offering its most popular bottle, Les Breteches, as a canvas to help expose underrated, but amazing Lebanese talent. And these here are this year’s creation.

Ixsir – Grande Reserve 2013 Limited EditionIxsir

Ixsir has been bringing it on this year with label designs! Starting by redesigning the rose bottle in summer – which I have 2 of, FYI, tucked away for next year – they now move on with a similar message to Kefraya’s, only more elaborate. Ixsir have collaborated with 3 Lebanese artists to produce their The Sustainability Edition collection, to help spread awareness about Lebanon’s rich resources and nature. This bottle, in particular, appealed to me as it aims to remind the Lebanese people of all the forests Lebanon has lost.

Chateau St. Thomas – Nouveau 2017 Limited EditionChateau St. Thomas - Nouveau 2017 Limited Edition

Finally, Clos St. Thomas has joined the label and special cause party with its limited edition label of the Nouveau 2017 bottle, revealed at the 10th Vinifest. They aim to spread peace – notice the adorable blue wings that I am so upset I missed this year – with every glass of their amazing wine.

Any Lebanese wine label caught your eye in the market? Let me know in the comments, cause I’m always looking for pretty bottles worth blowing my money on!

See you soon with another glass of red!

6 thoughts on “11 Coolest Wine Labels on Lebanese Wines

    1. Hello Joelle, thanks for the suggestion! But the labels I mentioned above, I chose in terms of creativity and artistic flare. True, Bybline’s logo is really pretty and being from the beautiful Byblos, I highly appreciate the name as well :D. But the labels are more traditional, with the logo layout and the beige background. The basis for which I picked this selection was out-of-the-box, modern, and fresh looking.
      I should do a feature about meaningful logos, now that you mentioned it 🙂


  1. Latourba, they got a special bottle shape with a unique print at the bottom. It leaves a mark! U should check it. I think they are new at the market maybe 1 or 2 years only. The label is very unusual too.


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