10 Affordable and Delicious Red Lebanese Wines

Whoever said you had to break the bank to buy a great bottle of Lebanese wine was terribly misinformed. 

Everyone knows that Lebanese wines are great. Everyone also knows that Lebanese wines can be expensive. Now I don’t know about you, but I plan on drinking and giving away more than a few bottles of good Lebanese wine during the coming holidays, without going bankrupt. And since cheap crappy wine is out of the question, I started hunting for the mythical breed of Lebanese red wine that would be delicious and affordable. After researching, asking a few professionals I know, benchmarking prices from 209 Lebanese Wine, and consulting my favorite wine application, I shockingly found not 1, not 2, but more than 17 of these unicorns.

Below, I’ve listed 10 top-rated Lebanese red wines that are both amazingly good and all for under $20 in order of their ratings on Vivino. 

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Cave Kouroum – Merlot 2009, rated 4.1 stars on Vivino
Retail price $ 19
Cave Kouroum is among my favorite Lebanese wineries. Once you try this French oaked wine, you won’t be surprised to know it was awarded a Trophee Excellence in 2011.

Food Pairings: This wine is easy to pair with daily dishes – pizza and pasta, anyone? – but especially with winter dishes, like red meats, cold cuts, soft mild cheeses, and (you’ll love this) chocolate truffles.

Couvent Rouge – Coteaux les Cedres 2013, rated 4.0 stars on Vivino
Retail price $ 13
This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, and Syrah, is the first Fairtrade certified Lebanese wine, that also holds the Organic certification.

Food Pairings: It is best served chilled at 15ºC and goes well with hearty red meat dishes, as well as a seasonal assortment of soft and strong cheeses.

Chateau Nabise – Chateau 2005, rated 4.0 stars on Vivino
Retail price $ 19
Believe it or not, for just $ 19, you can buy this 12-year old, 4-star rated blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc, that was aged in oak for 1 year.

Food Pairings: Like any perfect winter wine, it’s great with meat and strong cheese.

Coteaux de Botrys – Cuvee de L’Ange 2009, rated 3.9 stars on Vivino
Retail price $ 9
I won’t be mistaken if I say: this here is the prize of the list. For just $ 9, you’d enjoy a 3.9-rated bottle, which I’m pretty sure would impress your wallet and the host you’re giving this to.

Food Pairings: It’s a great wine to have with poultry – like a juicy Christmas turkey – red meat, and strong cheese.

Chateau Khoury – Symphonie 2007, rated 3.9 stars on Vivino
Retail price $ 13
Chateau Khoury reds are easily some of my favorite Lebanese wines to drink. As it turns out, this 10-year old vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Syrah is a huge favorite of a lot of people, as well!

Food Pairings: It’s best to open 1 hour before serving, then pair it with seasonal specials, like red meats and strong cheeses.

Chateau St. Thomas – Les Emirs 2011, rated 3.8 stars on Vivino
Retail price $ 13
For the coming cold, I’d advise you to give this intense red Lebanese wine a try. And just in case you’re more of a white wine fan, check out Chateau St. Thomas’ white wine made from 100% Lebanese grapes, the Obeidy.

Food Pairings: It’s ideal for any winter night, alongside a full board of cold cuts, soft, and strong cheeses, or a dish of red meats.

Domaine des Tourelles – Vieilles Vignes Cinsault 2014, rated 3.8 stars on Vivino
Retail price $ 13
I’m a sucker for history, and this Lebanese wine just pokes me right in the feels. Not only is this Lebanese winery 150 years old, but this wine’s made with Cinsault grapes from vines over 50 years of age! How is that for an awesome deal?

Food Pairings: You can have this wine alone as an aperitif, have it alongside your favorite pasta or pizza, or enjoy it this season with cold cuts and soft cheese.

Domaine Wardy – Chateau les Cedres 2011, rated 3.8 stars on Vivino
Retail price $ 17
This is one patriotic vintage. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot with a label that looks truly anything but cheap.

Food Pairings: Pairs perfectly with red meats and strong cheeses.

Chateau Khoury – Cuvee St. Therese 2014, rated 3.7 stars on Vivino
Retail price $ 9
Another Chateau Khoury makes it to our list! And this rich red wine is at only $ 9 a bottle.

Food Pairings: Enjoy this wine chilled or at room temperature, with your favorite winter meats and strong cheese.

Chateau Nakad – Prestige des Coteaux 2011, rated 3.7 stars on Vivino
Retail price $ 11
At $ 11 a bottle, Chateau Nakad serves you history, flavor, and “prestige” in every glass. Try it out and think of the French deployed soldiers that were drinking a similar blend back in 1923.

Food Pairings: Enjoy it with pretty much anything, whether you’re having pasta or pizza or meat or poultry or a simple evening cheese plate.

EXTRA: Chateau Heritage Temptation
Retail price $ 16

                                                                 (Did anyone say, CHOCOLATE WINE?)
Friends and random people alike have asked me time and time again where they can find this “Chocolate Wine” that Buzzfeed keeps talking about.
Well… here you go. Except this stuff’s better than Buzzfeed’s by a trillion times.
Sweet. Red. Chocolate. Wine.
Made from a blend of Grenache, Carignan, and Syrah. Then chocolate is infused into the fermentation, resulting in a rich, dense flavor of dark chocolate, along with black cherry and blueberry.

Do you know any other rare Lebanese wine unicorns that are both cheap and tasty? Leave me a comment so I can try them and review them this season.

See you soon with another glass of red!

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