The 1st Lebanese Wine Club Membership: 209 Lebanese Wine Box

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent your whole adult drinking life buying terribly stored wines from ignorant and grumpy supermarket employees whenever you remember to grab a bottle. You probably also tend to stick to bottles and brands you know instead of venturing out into the wild world of wines and discovering new ones. Because, really, if that discovery turns out to be crap, there’s no way in hell you’re putting pants back on and driving through traffic to go buy a new one. So Chateau Tried and Tested it is.

But that was then. And this is now.

The 209 Lebanese Wine Club is here to save the day.

The 209 Wine Club was designed for those of you who have no time to choose, yet still, want to expand their vini-horizons. As such, 209 “will send you a discovery pack of selected Lebanese wines, every month” free of charge and right to your address.

So how do you become a club member? That’s easy!

Start by heading over to and scrolling down to the Wine Club section.

209 Lebanese Wine Club

You will see that you can Join the Club by choosing a membership subscription that suits you. In a nutshell, these are your options: basic or premium3-month or 6-month subscription.

  • For a basic subscription box or PURPLE, you’ll receive 1 or 2 vintages at a value of $ 25/month.
  • For a premium subscription box or VELVET, you’ll receive up to 4 vintages at a value of $ 50/month.

Not only that, but 209 sweeten the deal by offering all club members a Membership Discount Code on all their purchases.

  • 3-month subscribers receive a 10% discount code for the period of their membership.
  • 6-month subscribers receive a 15% discount code for the period of their membership.

Personal advice: Don’t go crazy the first time. Give it a go with the Purple 3 months box for $ 75. See how you roll after that.

Once subscribed, you’ll receive a personal welcome email from Selim Yasmine, the man behind the company, after which Selim will proceed to send you “Your 209 Lebanese Wine Club Selection” every month…

209 Lebanese Wine Newsletter

It’s so professional, so personalized, and just so… chic!

Within 48 hours of receiving the newsletter, your wine box will find its way to your doorstep with Lipos. Each month’s selection comes in a brown recyclable box with the 209 branding. Once you open it, your wines are safely laid out inside.

Personal musings: There is something so elegant about getting a box of wine delivered to you, rather than just grabbing one in a cart and carrying it home in the same plastic yellow bag with labne and pita bread.

There you have it, the perfect treat for yourself in a box, and right in time for the cold season. Give it a try, and send me your feedback as soon as you do.

Remember to follow the blog on Facebook and Instagram – I’d love the support.

Happy drinking, and see you soon with another glass of red!

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