Pairing Green & Black’s Chocolate with 6 Amazing Lebanese Wines

Feature photo credits: Green & Black’s

I was recently set loose at Wesley’s Wholesale in Hazmieh. I say “set loose” as this visit was long overdue; I had been trying to visit Wesley’s Hazmieh for the better part of 2 years. I realize this sounds ridiculous in a country as small as a shoebox, but it’s worth mentioning that I live in Byblos… that’s 2 hours of Lebanese “burn me alive if you will, but get me out of this hell hole” traffic. Anywho, as I was set loose in the 3-floor store after such a long wait, I was running around grabbing everything and anything imported that I found remotely interesting – candles, stationery… chocolate!

And I came across a box of 12 miniature bars of Green & Black’s organic chocolate. Who needs an excuse to buy 6 mouthwatering new flavors, 2 bars each? Not me. Obviously, that called for a wine pairing – otherwise known as an excuse to open several bottles of wine and over indulge in delicious high-end chocolate. I’m such a fan of those.

Thanks to 209 Lebanese Wine I was able to choose the best Lebanese wine bottles to pair with each of G&B’s flavors. And just a side note, the guys over at 209 home deliver for free aka. no traffic to get your wine!

Organic Milk Chocolate


“Rich milk chocolate delivering true taste intensity, 34% cacao content”

The exceptional flavors of red fruits – berries & strawberries – and spices – fresh tobacco & sweet spices – with the silky tannins of the Pinot Noir pair well with the smooth and rich texture of milk chocolate.

Try Pinot Noir 2011 by Chateau St. Thomas – $22.00 the only varietal Pinot Noir wine from Lebanon.

Organic Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch 


“Milk chocolate with crunchy toffee pieces for an extremely moreish taste, 34% cacao content”

The nice Muscat floral and citrus aromas, accompanied by the smell of melon and honey, complement the crunchy butterscotch with its cream and vanilla components.

Try Moscatel 2010 by Chateau Ksara – $7.00

Organic Milk Chocolate with Almond


“Milk chocolate with whole roasted almonds for a full nutty flavor, 37% cacao content”

An oak aged Syrah is a great companion to a cocoa and roasted almond infusion. The smokiness of the wine, with its spicy character, along with that of the almond is a firework in the mouth.

Try Syrah du Liban 2011 by Domaine des Tourelles – $44.00

Organic Dark Chocolate with Ginger 


“Dark chocolate with the sweet warmth of crystallized ginger, 60% cacao content”

With the unique richness of dark chocolate and the kick of ginger taking up the front line, you’ll want to pair this bar with a balanced and smooth merlot. Its plum and cherry aromas add a softness to the ginger bite.

Try Merlot 2014 by Domaine Wardy – $12.00 one of my all time favorite wines; I may or may not have finished a bottle in one sitting… on more than one occasion.

Organic Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts & Currants

Hazelnuts & Currants

“Dark chocolate balanced with crunchy hazelnuts and dried currants, 60% cacao content”

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah makes for the perfect marriage with this chocolate. The oak aged blend has a special smokiness that pairs with the hazelnuts, and the spicy black plums and dark fruit aromas in the wine bring out the flavor of dried currants in the bar.

Try Chateau 2015 by Chateau Nabise – $17.00

Organic 70% Dark Chocolate

Dark 70.jpg

“Dark chocolate made with fine Trinitario cacao beans for an intense taste, 70% cacao content”

This intense chocolate needs an intense wine to match it. A Petit Verdot introduces rich aromas of leather, prune, tobacco, and dark forest fruits, to complement this dark and earthy chocolate with 70% cacao solids.

Try: Petit Verdot 2014 by LATOURBA – $20.00

Can’t get your hands on Green & Black’s? Pair these wines with my all-time favorite store-bought chocolate: Lindt Excellence. Drop me a line and tell me what you think: your favorite pairings, things you’d change with mine, and things you’d add to my list!

See you soon with another glass of red!

7 thoughts on “Pairing Green & Black’s Chocolate with 6 Amazing Lebanese Wines

  1. Thanks for stopping by Wesley’s! And don’t feel bad if it took that long to swing by – Hazmieh’s only been open for a little over a year anyway 😉 We’ve been in Jnah for a while though. Next time you make the trip over, ask for me so I can show you some more good chocolate options. And the winter PF candles will be here before NYE, inshallah!


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