Winter is Coming! So Are 14 TV Shows to Binge Watch


Gone are the days when we used to wait patiently for fall for our favorite TV shows to air again. Nowadays, TV shows come out any random month year round; sometimes, TV shows take a random pause mid-season – take Vikings, for example – other times they release a new season every other year (I’m looking at you, Sherlock and Taboo). Still, autumn remains my favorite time to cozy up indoors and binge watch TV shows.

Here’s the list of TV shows I’ll be following come fall: returning shows, new shows, and shows I’ll finally get around to watching. Needless to say, I’m an addict.


September 8 – A friend recently posted, “how much from 1 to Scotts in kilts is Outlander worth watching?” to which I quickly responded, “I’d give it a score of topless-redheaded-brawny-men-in-kilts-with-a-Scottish-brogue.” Outlander is one of my absolute favorite shows that are currently running; I’m actually trying to speed read my whole reading list to get to Voyager (Outlander book 3) before season 3 starts.

October 27 – Netflix is truly kicking ass, lately. Among the many awesome shows the company has been releasing, Stranger Things is among its best. I won’t talk about the story, as it has barely even started, by I will tell you the show has 4 of the most talented child actors on Earth. I should also probably mention they’re absolute geeks and I want to adopt them.

November 29 – Vikings is not everyone’s cup of tea, but as I am mildly obsessed with old world and pagan cultures – I may or may not have a 1 Tb hard drive full of documentaries about them – this TV show was right up my alley. However, I walk into season 5 with little to no expectations… I’m quite critical of plotlines that don’t follow a rational development; you know, those where X is forced into being badass, though he’s been a crybaby idiot for most of the scenes, then magically behaves epically when the story needs it.


August 9 – Mr. Mercedes is the most recent TV adaptation to Stephen King’s book of the same name. It already premiered on August 9, but I still haven’t watched it. I really hope it’s properly done, though. I mean… the critics haven’t got me so excited about The Dark Tower movie, and so many TV adaptations of books have been ruined. But I’m staying optimistic until I watch it.

August 31 – Inhuman has been the talk of the world. Marvel’s newest TV show is promised to be one of the best so far – shot with IMAX cameras and all – and with a storyline to match. Now, I’m not a big Marvel movies fan – take a number, take your aim, and feel free to shoot me – still Marvel’s Daredevil has made it onto my favorites’ list. So I’m hoping Inhumans would be of the same caliber.

September 24 – Start Trek is back on TV with a new adaptation, Star Trek: Discovery. To be honest, I’ve never watched the old Star Trek, but seeing as I am a legit geek/nerd – as both apply to me – I’m actually looking forward to watching this one. I’ve heard it’s being made into more of a drama, which is a turn off to me, but I’m giving it a chance, too.

October 2 – The Gifted is yet another Marvel inspired TV show that will be coming to our screens. This show takes place in the X-men universe, centered around a couple of mutant kids and their parents. I know, I know, I’m repeating myself, but I’m also sort of testy when it comes to X-men, as I don’t approve of most of the movies. But I love the X-men concept and the comics, so I’ll be trying this for size when it comes out.

October 12 – Prepare for yet another decadent remake: Dynasty. I dunno what your mom used to watch when you were kids, but mine watched American soap operas – then she got onto the Mexican wagon when we came to Lebanon. On that list were Dynasty (1981), Dallas (1987), and The Bold and The Beautiful (1987) (which, by the way, is still running…) Now, in 2012, Dallas was brought back, then got canceled in its 3rd season. So while that doesn’t raise my hopes for Dynasty, I feel really nostalgic and will definitely be watching it with my mama.

I’ll finally be starting…

Westworld – IMDb rating 9.0/10 – This is one of the most talked about new shows among my friends and, looking at the ratings, the world seems to approve. It tackles the issue of AI in a reimagined world where humans get to do anything they want… seems interesting enough for me to try it out!

The Handmaid’s Tale – IMDb rating 8.7/10 – This show is based on the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood. I’ve been waiting till I read the book before starting this one, so hopefully, I’ll get around to it by the beginning of September.

The Frankenstein Chronicles – IMDb rating 7.4/10 – Starring Sean Bean. Enough said. The 1st season was aired in 2015, and though the 2nd was scheduled for 2017, nothing has been announced yet. I think that’s the reason for the drop in ratings from 8.1 to 7.4. In any case, after watching Legends and getting hooked, I’m surely going to take time from my weekend and watch the 1st season. Again, because Sean Bean.

The Mist – IMDb rating 5.3/10 – The ratings shocked me, but then again didn’t. Stephen King adaptations are making huge comebacks. And as I love the author, I am always compelled to watch his work’s adaptations. Now, this seems to be a flop from the start, but I’ll watch a couple of episodes and judge for myself.

Anne with an E – IMDb rating 8.6/10 – You guysssss!!! This is a new series based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel, Anne of Green Gables. It is one of cutest, sweetest, most touching classics of all time. I’m a huge classics softy – I may or may not have watched all the TV adaptations of Jane Austen’s works more than 10 times… each – and I’ll probably be watching this first of all the bunch.

Riverdale – IMDb rating 7.9/10 – *whispers* don’t ruin it. don’t ruin it. don’t ruin it *rocks back and forth* Archies were a basic pillar in my upbringing. My eldest sister was obsessed with these comics, and I kind of inherited that obsession, along with the tens of worn out issues. I read that Riverdale is a dark twisted version of the Archies; I know I’m going to hate it. I’m praying that I don’t by some miracle.

Do you watch any of these TV shows? I’m a huge TV show addict, so do you have some other suggestions?! Do let me know!

See you soon with another glass of red!

Hi, I'm Red. I'm fond of vintage wine, dark chocolate, and thick books. You can often find me at the local coffee shop writing magical stories, or out road-tripping to some far off village. I'm always happy to meet new people, so drop me a comment!

5 comments on “Winter is Coming! So Are 14 TV Shows to Binge Watch

  1. I am obsessed with both Stranger Things and Riverdale at the moment- I can’t wait for their new seasons. I also can’t wait for the next season of A Series of Unfortunate Events which comes out on the 24th of October! So many good tv shows, so little time! Lovely post 💞


  2. Anis Mouawad

    well … westworld is amazing, you should definitely start watching it, “The magicians” is not bad, I’m not sure if you’ve watched it, “Suits” is a fan favorite and the new season already started one week ahead of “Game of thrones”. “Legion” is Freaking Weird and Awesome, I love it, you should definitely watch it. “American Gods” is pretty awesome as well, and if you loved “Daredevil”, you’ll definitely love “Marvel’s the Defenders” it showcases Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage in one series. “The Preacher” is pretty weird as well, I’ve only watched one episode, but it seems good enough to watch, it has a 90% rating on rotten tomatoes. “The Shannara Chronicles” is full of magic, it’s close to “Warcraft” (the movie) and I loved it. of course there’s “Lucifer” <3, "Stitchers", "Damien", "Torchwood", "The indistructibles"
    You know what, I LOVE Series, so just watch everything 😀


    • Hahah! OK so in order:
      The Magicians: I watched 1st season and half of the 2nd, and then it kind of started to drag. I stopped.
      Suits: I’m up-to-date hahah been watching since the day it came out years ago.
      Legion: I only got around to watching the 1st episode and haven’t had time since!
      American Gods: watched the whole first season directly when it came out (I’m a Neil Gaiman freak)
      (all the Marvel ones) I heard really bad stuff about Iron Fist I dunno why none of my friends liked it! So I’ve been a bit testy about starting any of those.
      The Preacher: been meaning to try out an episode
      The Shannara Chronicles: I really didn’t like it sorryyyyy though the books are on a whole different level ❤
      PS: Warcraft is the bomb… I've played WoW since I was a kid hahaha
      (the rest) I've heard good things about Lucifer, tried The Stitchers and the 1st couple episodes were a bit slow so I stopped, and the rest haven't tried them out yet.

      I LOVE THIS CONVERSATION hahahahahah! ❤


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