Why I Stopped Blogging About Wine

“Why did you stop drinking?!”

I keep getting this question lately, and it’s both funny and sweet. Funny, since some people actually think I’m a drunk, which is so very far from the truth. Sweet, because it shows that many of you care about the change or lack of content from my end. The point is, readers are asking me why I stopped blogging and why my content has changed lately. Continue reading “Why I Stopped Blogging About Wine”

This Man Paints with Wine and It’s Breathtaking

A few weeks ago, I found out some awesome Italian guys are making leather out of wine. How cool is that?! I mean, I would totally invest in a pair of wine leather shoes. But that also got me thinking of what else can be made with wine – aside from drinks, of course. And it turns out, wine is a great raw material for many artistic projects. For instance, Edgar Lizarazu Shiosky, a Bolivian graphic designer with Japanese roots, has an odd painting style that puts red wine to alternative uses. Continue reading “This Man Paints with Wine and It’s Breathtaking”

What’s the Right Temperature to Drink Wine?

Possibly one of the most misconceived facts about wine is the proper temperature to serve or drink it. You’ve probably heard some people snobbishly proclaim that wine should only be served at room temperature, while others insist that wine is undrinkable unless it’s ice cold. So who’s right and who’s misinformed?

Well… both. How so? Read on.
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Continue reading “What’s the Right Temperature to Drink Wine?”

The Newest in Wine Fashion is WineLeather and I’m Sold!

Imagine combining Italy’s two most successful industries, wine and leather, into one single product. The last thing you’d think of is making one from the other. Like making wine from leather. Ridiculous! Or making leather from wine. Ridi – wait, what?
Yep. Italian research center, Vegea, is actually making leather from wine! Continue reading “The Newest in Wine Fashion is WineLeather and I’m Sold!”

13 Lebanese Chardonnay Wines to Try

This is a follow-up on the previously published article “This is All You Need to Know About Chardonnay“. 

Just like any wine making country in the world, Chardonnay is very popular in Lebanon. You’ll find many Lebanese white wines made of 100% chardonnay, and many more made of blends including chardonnay. To help you maneuver the crowded Lebanese wine scene, here’s a list of 13 Lebanese white wines made from Chardonnay. Some of these are my favorites, while others I haven’t tried yet – but would love to. So make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram to let me know your thoughts about any of them out! Continue reading “13 Lebanese Chardonnay Wines to Try”